Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coffee Mug

I am a coffee addict. It is most definitely an addiction. I love coffee so much I even make earrings out of coffee beans. As a coffee lover, I have designated mugs for home and for work. My three work mugs hold between 28 ounces and 10 cups (yes, 10 cups - my daughter had a mug custom made for me as a Christmas gift). My home mugs average around 16-20 ounces.  I drink out of a home mug while I'm getting ready for work, and take a work mug with me when I leave. One of my favorite home mugs (it's maroon with my favorite Disney character on it) was given to me by my son. Imagine my surprise when I sat down this morning to put on my eye make-up and heard Piglet's distinctive voice greet me:

G-G-Good morning! I hope I d-d-didn't startle you.

Oh, I'm just happy I didn't spill any coffee! (I suddenly realized that I was talking to my coffee cup!) Piglet???

I know I'm just a very small animal, b-b-but this is a rather large cup. I was afraid you w-w-wouldn't notice that I was here. (His hands were behind his back and his little chinny chin chin was practically touching his chest.)

Of course I know you're here, you silly little pig. (I heard him giggle.)

C-C-Christopher Robin calls P-P-Pooh "silly old bear." This is the f-f-first time I've ever been called "silly little p-p-pig!" Wait 'til I tell Pooh!

(He giggled again, and catching a glimpse of my mug through my eyelash curler, it almost seemed as if he shyly kicked out his left foot.) You don't mind being on such a large mug, do you?

Oh, no. N-N-Not at all. I'm on much b-b-bigger things than this. As a very small animal, I have to g-g-get used to mostly everything being bigger than m-m-me.

(I have Piglet pencils, Piglet candy tins, Piglet figurines - my favorite is him seated wearing a scarf, which I keep on my dashboard - and a small pink plastic outline of him on the back window of my van. I wondered if my van was one of the "bigger things" he was talking about. So, I asked him.) Is my van one of the bigger things you mentioned being on?

Oh, yes. Of c-c-course.

(I suddenly had quite a few questions for Piglet.) Oh, my gosh! What about when this mug goes in the dishwasher? What happens to you?

I just g-g-go somewhere else!

(I really had to ponder that for a moment.) go somewhere else? Uh, how? Where?

I don't know, but it's just like in the Hundred Acre W-W-Wood...sometimes I'm tidying up my little house, and then the n-n-next thing you know, I'm playing P-P-Pooh sticks with Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger!

(Having watched many episodes of Pooh, I knew exactly what he was talking about. I said "So long" to Piglet, placed the maroon mug on the counter next to the sink - someone else could put it in the dishwasher! - and headed out the door. While I was walking past the back of my van on my way into work, I could have sworn I heard a small voice say "S-S-So long!") 

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